LOOP # 05

2014.05.10 - 2014.06.01   12:00 - 24:00


德國藝術家Sven Bergelt的影像作品@basjanader_#I’mtstty,旨在探討youtube卡拉ok現象。Sven Bergelt將 Bas Jan Ader於1971年創作的電影 « I’m too sad to tell you »之再製影像與留言檔案蒐集起來,並以這些影音及文本資料來探討網路的複製文化,及網路溝通的嘗試。

2007年Sven Bergelt再次演繹了Bas Jan Ader的電影,並上傳至youtube。他的作品將Ader的電影主題重現於當今媒體情境中。這幾年來,他發現網路上越來越多影片都再製了Ader的電影,“@basjanader_#i’mtstty” 就是這些再製影音及文本資料的集結。

The installation “@basjanader_#I’mtstty” theme the youtube-karaoke phenomenon. Sven Bergelt created an archive of video remakes and responses from the Bas Jan Ader Film “I’m too sad to tell you” from 1971. The collection of the audiovisual and textual material discusses the “copy culture” in the internet, as well as the attemps of communication within the internet.

In 2007 Bergelt reenacted the film of Bas Jan Ader and put it on youtube. His work actualizes the theme of Aders Film under todays media environment. After the years he realized that more and more video responses of Bas Jan Aders film were present on video platforms in the internet. The archive “@basjanader_#i’mtstty” is a collection of the audiovisual and textual material of that remakes. 

In the first exhibition of the work in Gallery EIGEN+ART Leipzig the archive were presented in an archive rack. In this set-up the different layers of the rack are moveable and allow the viewer to play around with the items of this installation.

In the second exhibition at CYNETART - Festival the focus were shifted onto the visual impression of the videos. On the back of the video wall there was a desktop with 18 DVD-Player and the 71 archived videos as DVDs. In this installation the viewer was invited to change the DVDs and makes his own compilation.