(CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS - Audiovisual Media festival 2015

(CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS - Audiovisual Media festival 2015  / 滲透(osmosis)是水分子經半透膜擴散的現象。它由高水分子區域(即低濃度溶液)滲入低水分子區域(即高濃度溶液),直到細胞內外濃度平衡(等張)為止。水分子會經由擴散方式通過細胞膜,這樣的現象,稱為滲透。Osmosis希臘原文中Osmos帶有Impulse推動力的意涵這力道類似刺激、促進、衝動

Contemporary Osmosis – 可被作為當代範疇的滲透感;或短暫、暫時性的滲透狀態,這層面帶出了一個關係上的依附產生感,再經由連結的時間性進一步產生刺點、同化、吸收、異化、相斥等不同的相互推動力。在這影像、錄像媒材被極度快速生產的時代,影像語言進入畫素化、分格化、後製過度化,或許一個影格滲透下一個影格,是毒害抑或取得平衡,都是在「當。滲透影像媒體藝術節2015」以亞洲串聯影像為主的藝術節中帶給觀眾的觀感思維主題。

Osmosis the diffusion water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane, from a region of higher concentration (solution of low concentration) to a region of lower concentration (solution of high concentration) when concentration inside and that outside the cell are not balanced (isotonic). The word osmosis is from the Greek word “Osmos”, which means an impulse. This kind of force is similar to stimulation, promotion, and compulsion.

Contemporary Osmosis: It can be interpreted as the contemporary sense of permeatability, or the temporary or short-term state of permeation. In this aspect, there is a sense of attachment in relationships. Then, through the time of links, various mutual driving forces such as punctum, assimilation, absorption, dissimilation, repulsion, etc. are created. In this age when image and video media can be produced rapidly, image language is pixelized, framized, and over post-produced. Whether the process from one frame into the next through permeation is a process of poisoning or achieving balance is an issue for participants to reflect on during the “(CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS - Audiovisual Media festival 2015”, a festival focusing on Asian linked images.



陳奕伶個展 Yi-Ling CHEN solo exhibition :Paper & Ink
歐哈‧馬塔隆個展 Ohad MATALON solo exhibition鬼屋  Ghost House
鄭先喻個展 Hsien-Yu CHENG solo exhibition : 收集者版本1.0.0 Collector Version1.0.0
緊張的邊界 Tensional Boundary
想像的空間 Space of Imagination
墟場+域 That Ruined Place
新羅曼史 Neo Romance
非虛構電影 It's not a REAL film
瑞士小屋- 觀賞用電影 Chalet Suisse - Ornamental Films
為何每當我們一起心所愛的,眼底總是一陣風吹沙?Why does the wind blow whenever we remember loved ones?


鏡 . 花園 系列展
Garden of Mir(ror/acle) series exhibition




The themes of Flowers in the Mirror by Li Ruzhen include spirits, devils, and women, creating various strange and weird characters and events. Fictional stories contain metaphors of reality. In the fabricated reality, things which look like illusions actually reflected truths. Non-real ridiculousness enlarges and alienates reality, making people see outlines of truths unexpectedly. False reality reflected from the mirror is another form of reality. This light of deformation shines on us, making us light and twisted. This is when we actually enter the garden, the garden of the contemporary society which is illusory and authentic at the same time. 

The “Garden of Mir(ror/acle) series exhibition” focuses on subjects in the city which we see and talk about. The purpose is not only to transform the appearance of the contemporary society into landscapes and spectacles but also to turn it into urban prophecies. Therefore, based on the concept of theme planning of the “Garden of Mir(ror/acle) series exhibition” series exhibition, the joint exhibition can be decomposed into several continuous solo exhibitions, where not only artists can present ideas of their works completely, but also visitors can put themselves in one single and complete exhibition situation. 

“To know the full image in this mirror, wait for the upcoming fate.” - Li Ruzhen

Loop 系列展
Loop series exhibition

LOOP 為藝術庇護所與電影院 (ASC) 錄像作品平台的第一系列展,以將影像投影在間隔室內室外的落地窗上的形式,形成Window Installation的觀看方式,讓觀者在空間之外即能觀看作品。

藝術庇護所與電影院是一個當代媒體影音平台, 尤其是針對新興和新世代的創作者而立. ASC將挑著戰實驗與創造力來與觀者分享. ASC鼓勵激進的藝術與文化透過交流,展覽,活動等試圖突破社會和政治困境同時也提出另類的視野與大膽的想像.

The ART SHELTER AND CINEMA (ASC) is a contemporary media platform especially aimed at emerging artists and new generation. The ASC challenges experimentation, creativity and exchange with visitors.

The ASC encourages radical art and culture via communications, exhibitions and events to break through the social and political predicament as well as makes alternative visions and bold imagination.

Loop # 01 
Loop # 02  
Loop # 03
Loop # 04
Loop # 05